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The 25 Funniest Celebrity Twitter Hacks (COMPLEX)

22 Jun

My second piece for COMPLEX was one of the most fun, and most challenging pieces I’ve had to write. In another article for their TECH section, I made a list of the 25 funniest celebrity Twitter hacks. The hacks aren’t just hip-hop artists, either: rappers, singers, professional athletes, and even politicians get got in this list. I’m just now realizing that the site doesn’t allow copy and paste, so I won’t use any text, ha – just check the article.

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HipHopDX Producer’s Corner: Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis

22 Jun

 For the latest segment of HipHopDX Producer’s Corner, I interviewed Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis. He isn’t a celebrity name, but plenty of music lovers will recognize his work with Wyclef Jean. The Haitian-born musician has co-produced or played on nearly all of Clef’s classics – The Fugees’ seminal The Score, to Carlos Santana’s “Maria Maria,” and many more. Check out an excerpt below:

DX: Don’t mean to only focus on Fugees, but how would you describe a studio session with them? If I were to randomly walk into one of your sessions, what would I see?

Jerry Wonda: It would be like going to a family dinner. You see everybody hanging, chilling, eating, drinking and laughing. Nothing that crazy, just everybody chilling. We used to have everything, with the equipment. Nobody knew we were doing a classic album. I just remember I used to play the Top 40 singles and hustle, because I was buying equipment. I’d go play with Top 40 bands then come back to the studio and do what I was doing with Wyclef and Ms. Hill. At the time, that’s what we had. If you walked in there, it was just chillin!

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Big Sean and Random Axe Album Reviews

22 Jun

As the managing editor of MichiganHipHop, it only makes sense that I’d review two of the state’s biggest releases for HipHopDX. After getting a preview of Random Axe a couple months ago, I finally got my press copy for review a few days before it dropped. I received my review link of Big Sean’s oft-delayed debut Finally Famous last Tuesday. I’ve covered Big Sean and two thirds of Random Axe (Black Milk and Guilty Simpson) extensively throughout my career for several publications, so it’s always great to get an opportunity for that to continue.

Let me know what you think about the albums, and how accurate my reviews portray them.

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CLICK HERE to read Big Sean Finally Famous Album Review (HipHopDX)


Five Reasons House Parties Are Better Than Clubs

17 Jun

As I’m writing this, the rest of my BLAT! Pack crew is the club, getting down as the brilliant DJ Ruckus mans the ones and twos. Every time I hit the club, I head outside 30 minutes early. On the other hand, at the last few house parties I’ve been to – the anniversary party for Memorial Day weekend, a mutual friend’s birthday, and a cookout at my crib – I’ve had the time of my life. Below, read five reasons of why I prefer residential parties over clubs. Maybe this will even inspire a change in your plans for the weekend.
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VIBE Apr/May 2011 – NEXT (Travis Porter, Bria Murphy)

13 Jun

VIBE Apr/May 2011 - NEXT (Bria Murphy, Travis Porter)

A few months ago, I interviewed model Bria Murphy and Atlanta rap trio Travis Porter for my first contributions to VIBE magazine. Click to enlarge. This issue, with 50 Cent on the cover, may be tough to find now that the latest issue has already hit newsstands, but it was incredible from cover to cover. The world music spread was amazing, and the 50 interview was solid. Shouts to Clover Hope for the assignments and the help, Bria and Travis Porter for being good sports, and to everyone who showed love as a result of the article. Hopefully, you’ll see more of my byline in VIBE sooner than later.

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Memorial Day: Rappers Remember Fallen Friends Through Lyrics

31 May

I know I’m a day late on posting this; I worked as long as I could yesterday before hosting a BBQ at my house for the holiday. In my first piece in a while for XXL, I used a Memorial Day theme to find lyrics that different emcees such as Kanye West (pictured above with his mother, R.I.P.) used to pay homage to deceased loved ones. Read below for the intro.

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