18 Dec

Damn, winter break is only three days old, and it’s already blossoming. I’ve been sleeping a whole lot, I’ve listened to a lot of great music, I’ve been able to see some of my peoples back home, I have time to work on articles that I have backlogged (I really need to start to utilize my own self-set deadlines more with these online articles, even though they don’t always get on me like they should), and I’m already missing my people at Michigan State, esp. ladies :-). I really plan to manage my time my time well over break – I have articles to type, books to read (not school-related, but hip-hop-related, because I really need to school myself more on the history), and money to make.

Peep this y’all, tell me what you think…I finished fall semester ’05 Wednesday, I had my last final in ISB 202 – Applications in Environmental and Organismal Biology. I’ve been slacking in that class all year, and with all of the shit that I missed in there, I should have failed it. However, I did well on my final, so I passed the class with a 2.0 (which is basically like a C).

I did all of my studying for this final at the MSU library. I studied there the Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday before the exam. Normally, I’m not a big library person – I figure that our library is too loud and cluttered to provide a productive atmosphere anyway, and that I’d do a better job of studying in my room than at the library. For all of my time at Michigan State, I’ve been saying that studying at the library is overrated. However, this time, I did really well on the exam that I studied for at the library. True, I studied for days before this exam, which I don’t normally do for my exams, but it still got me thinking. I know that most of my blogspot peoples are out of school and in their careers already (fuckers *lol*), but they can go back and think to when they were in school; fellow college students, you can identify more easily:

Where do you guys get your best studying/productivity? Does the library really help you get more done, or do you find it overrated like I always have?


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  1. ShawnQt December 22, 2005 at 3:21 pm #

    welcome to the blog world!

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