"That’s the Reason I Became a Critic/So I Can Call Shit Wack, and Get Payment Wit’ It"

22 May

The above is a quote of my own. Anyway, below is a clip from my Mobb Deep album review that went up yesterday on BallerStatus.net – and I’m done with the Mobb Deep hate after that, I promise.

Blood Money
Who: Mobb Deep
Rating: 3 Stars

— by William E. Ketchum III

In a 1998 song with Timbaland, Nas cockily claimed, “Already made history/y’all can have that, that ain’t sh– to me.” Fellow Queensbridge sons Mobb Deep seem to mirror the same sentiments. While the lethal combination of Prodigy’s vivid street soliloquies and Havoc’s murky, melodic soundbeds were the meat of several classic albums and genre-defining singles, the plague of sour deals still haunted them. Their 2005 signing with G-Unit — complete with excessive 50 Cent adoration in songs and interviews — upset much of their hardcore fan base, but with the dues that Havoc and Prodigy have paid, they seemed like they could care less about other peoples’ perceptions. Unfortunately, their G-Unit debut, Blood Money, has limited flashes of previous legend and more evidence toward new monetary and artistic contentment.

I know you want to read the rest, so here’s the link: http://www.ballerstatus.net/reviews/read/id/28820141/


2 Responses to “"That’s the Reason I Became a Critic/So I Can Call Shit Wack, and Get Payment Wit’ It"”

  1. MJG May 25, 2006 at 5:01 am #

    Props on an very well written review of the new Mobb Deep joint. You really captured what went right, and what went HORRIBLY wrong with this album. You need to review crappy joints more often, lol!! Anyway, it just blows my mind to see HipHopSite and XXL give this album such outstanding reviews. I mean seriously, do reviewers get different versions of the album that no one else gets? Did someone at HipHopSite accidently slip “The Infamous” into Pizzo’s “Blood Money” CD case?? Oh well. I guess everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and in my opinion, those reviewers were smoking on some of that sticky, icky, icky…ooohhhh weeeee!!!!


  2. Mr. Clark May 28, 2006 at 6:28 pm #

    It’s called “payola” and a hellified blowjob from 50 Cent’s main chick — Prodigy. You know a big bank roll always does wonders for the soul, as they say. I wonder if it was painful once 50 snatched they shit and put it alongside Mase’s and Olivia’s. Very well written review, Willie Ketch, keep up the great work.

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