"I’m Ill Wit It, So Deal Wit It!"

15 Aug

The above is a quote from the late James “J Dilla/Jay Dee” Yancey. Below, is an excerpt from my review of his upcoming album, The Shining, on HipHopDX.com.


J Dilla – The Shining
Monday, August 14 | Author: William E. Ketchum III
(4.5 Star Rating)

The late James “J Dilla/Jay Dee” Yancey was a consistent hip-hop workhorse, but that consistency was matched with what seemed to be a dissatisfaction with simply making dope music. Timbaland cashes his checks from futuristic soundscapes, and DJ Premier‘s bread and butter is his scrupulous scratching and rock hard drums; but ever since his emergence into Detroit’s hip-hop scene in the early 90s, J Dilla seemed to work like a renaissance painter, pursuing a new trademark sound as soon as he perfected another. Had it not been for his passing in February, he would most likely still be cooking up more uncharted heat. Fittingly, The Shining serves as a splendid documentary of the legacy Dilla created during his career, and sadly, the ongoing genius that was cut short.

I know you want to read the rest, so for the full article, click here, or simply go to HipHopDX‘s main page, and click on the picture for the review in the scrolling graphic on the left side. Leave comments on what you think of the review, or E-mail Me with additional feedback.


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