June 12: MC Serch x Nas x MichiganHipHop

12 Jun

Whattup doe?

Before I take a nap to get energized to transcribe this Bun B interview, Oddisee interview, listen to my advance copy of the new album from (place incredible yet still underrated southern rapper here) and some drafts of OneBeLo’s upcoming solo project, I thought I’d hit y’all in the head with a couple of my heaters from today.

+MC Serch Interview (MichiganHipHop):In an in-depth interview with the emcee-turned radio personality/music publisher/TV host, MC Serch tells how he keeps it Hip Hop in an industry that does the opposite, gives ideas on how Michigan can expand its reign, and why serves as a better eye for talent than he does.
+“Nas Won.” (HipHopDX): In a column on Speech Is My Hammer, I review Nas & Green Lantern’s The Nigger Tape, give my new opinions on the axed “Nigger” title, and talk about what could have been.

First the two worked together for Nas’ classic album Illmatic, of which Serch was the executive producer. (We know who Jay paid, god, Serchlite Publishing) Now, the two reunite (sorta) via Ketchums.Blogspot.com. I’m ill wit it, so deal wit it. ©Dilla

Last but not least…

You, already knoooooooooow!



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