4 A.M. Ramblings – Hulk x Eminem x Kobe x ?

13 Jun

So as I sit @ the XPS M1330 talking to the homie Quintina (one of the many female friends who I’d snatch up if they were single and/or located in Michigan *sigh*), I figured I’d ramble a little.

  • Just saw Incredible Hulk @ midnight with the fam, and it’s, well, incredible. Ed Norton was the perfect person for the role – he’s got the unassumingness that lets you identify with him (or laugh at him), but he’s got the ticking time bomb intensity that’s characteristic of the green homie. The storyline is great, and the action scenes are dope as hell. And Iron Man the same summer? Crazy.
  • Lakers down 3-1 to Boston?! Word?! I’m a fan of both teams, and I’d love to see the Big Three get rings, but not like this. Kobe…I’ve dismissed your Tyra Banks-featured songs, cheating on your dimepiece of a wife for a lackluster chick, and snitching on Shaq just because your game on the court is so undeniable. At least make it six games, shit!
  • Eminem’s been showing up randomly, lately. Dude playing basketball and joking around with Jimmy Kimmel the other day, and he recently prank called into Shade 45 to give props to studio guest LL Cool J. The homie Royce has said that him and Em have squashed the beef (even though he admits music isn’t a priority), and DJ Premier has said he’s gotten in the studio with Em. With that humor back and real hip-hop heads in his corner, could we actually see the return of the Slim Shady side of Eminem? If so, the Michigan Hip Hop scene is going to get even more ugly.
  • Partway through a potential album-of-the-year candidate that none of you guys have yet. I mentioned dude in the last post, but after actually checking out the album, I’m spazzing out. Homie’s always been respected amongst heads in the know, but this project should further establish him as one of the best emcees in the South. Dude’s grind is undeniable, and he’s got the skills and product to back it up. In case the italics aren’t telling enough, I’ll reveal the name soon.

That’s what it is. One more time, just in case y’all forget:

I’ll post pictures from this later on.



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