Let’s get down to business…

21 Jun

Gotta quote the homie Em on this one.

Last weekend was amazing. I had the time of my life at the Launch Party/Fundraiser: friends, dope hip-hop, drinks, success.

But this weekend? Shit to do. Hell, I’m even posting this from the Blackberry just because I know I won’t have time to make a really dope post on here. **EDIT: So I lied. Peep the two joints above.** But yeah, the 8800’s Task List has the following:

-GlobalGrind.com work (Shout out to Kim O!)
-Oddisee interview (HipHopDX)
-Trae interview (101D)
-Young Mase interview (MichiganHipHop)
-Famous Firm bio (I think)
-More job applications and cover letters
-Mixtapes to listen to for HipHopDX’s Mixtape Wrap-Up (This month has had several notable ones, and it’s not even the last week of June yet!)
-Classic albums to absorb: Buff1’s “There’s Only One” and Killer Mike’s “I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind 2”

Pray for me, y’all!

Sent via BOSSberry


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