New Jack City Was A Looong Time Ago

29 Jun

So on a night of continuous phone conversation w/ my homegirl, hastily-consumed Smirnoff and a service outage on my Blackberry, I’m watching Law & Order SVU. I’ve never gotten into SVU – or any deliberate spinoff shows like that – but I always end up getting into it whenever I come across it, usu. after NBA playoff games. But I’ve gotta this SVU joint is sorta crazy!

This episode that’s on now has hip-hop old head Ice-T (or, as Soulja Boy would say, Sweet T) and crew chasing a cat who raped and killed like 10 people! The twist is essentially that the criminal is forcing his little brother – who he also happens to rape himself – to help with these sprees, and tries framing him as the only perp. Straight outta Maury, but I SWEAR the shit was suspenseful as it was going on.

But they nailed him! [Paws] They arrested the little brother, and after gathering all the evidence, they realized that the bootprints were different: the older brother walked with a limp. Lil homie saw big brother (not B.I.G.’s brother) was hating, and let Cop Killer and fam know where the last couple of to-be victims were hidden.

Saving two out of 12 rape/murder victims, dissing teenagers, re-releasing a classic rap album, diggin’ out thoroughbred YTs, *and* wearing old school (NOT throwback) Iverson jerseys on camera?

All in a day’s work for Iceberg.



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