Independent’s Day ’08

4 Jul

I might thrown down on some from the grill, but the only fireworks I’ll be seeing today will be the ones in my mind: I’m celebrating this year’s fourth by handling my business.

Checklist for the weekend:

  1. Knock out my interview with Danny Brown – the rapper half of one of the best albums of the year – and plot at least a month’s worth of extra story ideas. In the meantime, check out our interview with Detroit’s DJ Young Mase, who’s Obie Trice’s official DJ and part of the DJ Drama-lead Aphilliates crew.
  2. Post some stories for, the Russell Simmons-founded web site of which I’m Music Channel Editor. Shouts to the team: Kim Osorio, Tionna “TalkDatIshGirl” Smalls, Necole Bitchie, and whoever else whose blogs I don’t know of.
  3. Finish up or make substantial progress on bios for Hash & Haze and Boognights, two artists represented by The Famous Firm.
  4. More job hunt groundwork.
  5. Attempt to plan my birthday weekend, 7/18/08 – 7/19/08.
  6. Crack open one of the many unread books on my bookshelf.


  1. As if ESPN, Facebook and the Bible weren’t enough, I just found a free Pacman game for my Blackberry. Things will never be the same. *BTW, any readers
  2. Just got done watching James Bond Casino Royale. I know I was asking for it by watching a movie about gambling, but as someone who doesn’t know anything about poker, it always irks me to watch these movies where there are these suspenseful-ass poker games that I don’t understand. Guess I’ve gotta learn.
  3. If I get the chance, this weekend I’m going to digest some music I’ve been sitting on for a while: J*Davey’s double-disc The Beauty In Distortion/The Land of the Lost EPs, the aforementioned Danny! album And I Love H.E.R., Danny Brown’s Hot Soup, and Nas’ Nigger (or Untitled, whatever). Plus, an artist hit me on MySpace asking me to pitch him to The Famous Firm, so I’ve got to make sure I feel his music so I don’t pitch bullshit.
  4. Ate McDonald’s twice today. Geez. Working out at least twice today (yes, on the holiday) to make up for that shit, and re-starting my regular regimine.
  5. I’ve gotta stop using AIM so much, because it’s seriously hurting my productivity. Matter of fact, this Monday, I’m going to avoid it altogether – if someone really needs to contact me, they’ll call/email/Facebook/MySpace. Yeah, that’s still a lot of avenues (lol), but the real-time chat is killin’ me.

To end this post off, check out the shirt. It’s one of many tees made to commemorate the legacy of the late J Dilla, but this one is pretty different. The silhouette picture is of the oft-used picture of the late superproducer chillin’ with his fitted cocked back, but if you take a closer look, it’s made out of credits from Dilla’s discography.

Dope, right? And he’s doing it the right way, donating an amount of the shirt’s proceeds to Dilla’s family to help them pay for past-due medical bills. Copped from my man James Morris’ new spot in Downtown Detroit, DSE @ Grand (202 E. Grand River).

That’s it for today. Bout to catch a few hours of sleep then get back to the grizzly.



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