Ketchums’ Blueprint For Change

7 Jul

Sometimes, change can just come along. But often, you have to make it a point to make change happen on your own – starting today, I’m back at it. Swagger-jacking our next president of the United States, I’ve put together my own Blueprint of Change for my life.

Started on my workout plan today, and I did surprisingly well – I walked for a pretty long time/distance without getting tired at all. Was a little sore, but not really tired. I’m going to keep this going with with once- or twice-a-day walks/workouts. Plus, I’m cutting out fast food cold turkey (well, I’ma keep eating cold turkey, cuz that’s good for you, lol); I did that last summer – albeit under much different circumstances – and I can do it again. Time to lose weight and get healthy, and as long as I discipline myself, I’ll be fine.

Living here at home sucks ass. Living with my dad, his new wife, her son, and my brother is just getting to be too much; I tried to put up with it, but I’m through with that shit. I’m praying I get a full-time gig soon, but even if I don’t, I’m moving out to Detroit as soon as I get my car out of the shop (which should hopefully be by the end of the month). I’ma try to live with one of my cousins, and to continue my job hunt out there. It’s time to stop complaining about living here, and do a better job at doing something about it. I’ll resume my hunt out there – whether I get a full-time joint or another part-time sooner, something’s got to give. Just like with the workout plan, as long as I buckle down and make myself do it, it’ll get done.

My productivity – whether it’s my job hunt, or just handling the work I already have – isn’t where I want it to be, either. So every night, I’m going to make a list of things that I finished during that day. Seeing sparse, incomplete lists is going to piss me off, so I’m going to make the most out of every day. That isn’t even just with work shit, but with everything. Checklist for today (Monday):

  1. Make job hunt phone calls.
  2. Transcribe and edit an interview for
  3. Assign an interview to one of my MiHH writers.
  4. Get my resume and clips out to two more places.
  5. Post 15 stories on
  6. Holla at my editor to get the jump on another job with that company that I work for.
  7. Make substantial progress on two artist bios that I need to write for The Famous Firm. At the very least, transcribe the interviews and skim through the music.
  8. Work out at least once, if not twice (once in the morning, once in the afternoon/evening).
  9. Shoot an email to schedule an interview for
  10. Get together a couple new ideas to present my sister, who’s redesign my recently re-enacted Blogspot page.
  11. Holla @ Ced to check-in on a crazy pitch with me and my partner in crime.

If you see one of these things strikethru’d, that means it’s been completed.

I believe in God, and I believe in The Secret. Before I go to bed tonight, I’m making a concrete prayer about what exactly I want; I’ve already made one, but I’m making another one. Next, I’ma follow this blueprint – and any additions I make to it – and believe that everything I want is going to happen. Finally, when the opportunities present themselves, I’m going to take advantage of them. God helps those who help themselves, and I’ll be darned if I don’t give Him incentive.

Outty 5000



One Response to “Ketchums’ Blueprint For Change”

  1. Kweli July 9, 2008 at 9:01 pm #

    I’m with you brother on making that Blueprint, believing and following through. Good for you!

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