Hit Me On My Blackberry © Ras Kass

9 Jul

Blogging from Lady 8800 again. Blackberry notes for the day:

-I just got a silicone cover for my Blackberry a month ago, and it’s already coming in handy. While in the kitchen about 20 minutes ago, I blindly set it on the counter in a small puddle of water. The result? A soaking wet case, but a desert dry device. Look for ’em on eBay – I got this for like $4, delivery included.

-M.O.S.Ologist, my MiHipHop.com partner in crime, finally made the Blackberry switch. Sorta afraid to show him the tools of the trade though; it’s like a smoker urging his boy to try a cig or two.

-Anybody out there use Blackberry Messanger? I’m always lookin’ for cats to add to my list, just cuz I’m a BBerry nerd like that. Holla: wketchum@tmo.blackberry.net

-The Blackberry media player is iight, but I’m still missing my iPod since it died in April. If my homegirl still won’t give me hers that she isn’t using for my birthday next weekend (hint, hint), I might splurge. Question, though: flyness and wi-fi (iPod Touch), or storage space and bang for the buck (iPod Classic)? *Sorry, Talitha…I’m a follower :-/*

-Is anybody else’s Facebook app messing up? When someone signs my wall now, even though the app notifies me, it doesn’t through the Wall application – it just comes through like a default notification…so I can’t just write back right there, I’ve always gotta go back to the *real* wall application and wait for the friend list to load. Anyone else got this problem?

-Lingo = Best BBerry game ever. Period.

-When my contract w/T-Mobile runs out in a few months, what should I do? Switch to AT&T and wait for the new Blackberry Bold, holla at Sprint (Are they still separate companies? That’s confusing me), Verizon, or just stay put and get the Blackberry 8820 that has Wi-Fi and GPS? My main thing is having Wi-Fi, GPS and a full keyboard; camera isn’t necessary. T-Mobile’s service isn’t the best, but I hear they’re going EVDO or 3G in October…and if I’ve got Wi-Fi, the T-Mobile network won’t be as important.

P.S.: Before I get all the comments clowning me for making an entire post about Blackberry ish? Yes, I’m an addict. This has been documented.

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