Summary 7/8/08 x ToDo List 7/9/08

9 Jul

Today wasn’t as constructive as I would’ve liked; not only did I wake up late, but I had two interviews scheduled for today – one with a producer for HipHopDX, and one with an artist signed to The Famous Firm – that were canceled last minute, and that sorta phucked with my schedule. Still, at least today wasn’t a complete waste.

  1. Helped one of my writers for prepare for a feature he’s putting together for us this week.
  2. Finished a Danny Brown interview for MiHipHop.
  3. Got some blood work done for a doctor’s appt. later this week.
  4. Went to a job interview.
  5. Did posts for
  6. Sent out my resume, cover letter and work samples to four or five places.
  7. Got in touch with someone who’s going to be one of MiHipHop’s most unique feature stories in the next couple months. Can’t wait to link up with her.

Tomorrow? Not as much to do outside of the house, so I’m taking after Killer Mike and pledging allegiance to the grind.

  1. Make up for both interviews that were botched earlier – one early in the morning, the other right when nighttime minutes start.
  2. Get in my daily fix of posts at GlobalGrind.
  3. Work out at least once. Why not twice?
  4. Finish at least one Famous Firm bio. Why not two?
  5. Convince Smack to roll to Detroit on Saturday, so I can see Royce and D12 live and link up with the legendary homie Kim Osorio while she’s in town, VP Friday, and other peeps.
  6. Get out more resumes.

Going to bed now, at 4 A.M. Waking up at 8:30, and back to work. No energy drinks, either; just scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, H20 and fresh air. Hopefully I’ll last until 7 P.M. before taking a two hour nap and starting over again :-/



One Response to “Summary 7/8/08 x ToDo List 7/9/08”

  1. Smack July 9, 2008 at 1:04 pm #

    I’m mad that the fact that convincing me is apart of this plot to take over the world. I really am lol.

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