Detroit Reunion Afterthoughts x Random Ish

14 Jul

And with that, my first video blog, y’all. “They shoulda never gave y’all ninjas web cams!” [/Chappelle Voice]

While I’m talking about music…
-Tons of multimedia coming from my coverage of The Detroit Reunion Concert. The YouTube blog above is only the beginning.

-There’s a new article on Smoking Section that questions whether the digital age has depreciated the value of music so much that the idea of the classic album is no more. Click here to read it, it’s a real interesting perspective. Yeah, I essentially wrote the same piece on here two years ago, but that just goes to cement how relevant the idea still is.

-No matter how much they phuck up both factual information and post reviews that I disagree with, for whatever reason, I continuously check All Music Guide’s web site for their ratings on new albums. There’s no rating yet, but even they got this got this Nas album right. I still say Killer Mike’s I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind 2 is album of the year, but there are some serious contenders that haven’t come out yet.

Chopped it up with Black Milk’s manager Saturday night for like 30-40 minutes or something, and he’s saying that Tronic is “going to change the face of underground hip-hop.” And with the joints I’ve heard so far, I believe him.

One Be Lo’s always got some shit up his sleeve, but he’s really been in my ear about this upcoming B.A.B.Y. (Being A Black Youth) album. Haven’t heard any finished product, but from the unfinished joints I’ve heard, this is about to be incredible.

Do I even have to say anything about this one? Thought not. Oh yeah, and it’s not just Europass revamped; check the tracklist to assure yourself.

If you’re still sleeping on Buff1, wake the hell up. Until our interview with dude goes up on, this is my last warning shot for y’all. Ah, chit! Almost forgot…

Royce Da 5’9″ says that Bar Exam 2 and Street Hop are coming this year. And we already know what dude is capable of.

At this rate, the mitten is going to have several of the year’s best rap albums. The funny thing is that with the extent to how these albums are about to be, you won’t even need to be a MiHipHop stan to understand that. More details on this later, but in general? It’s, about, to go, down.

Other notes…
Simon Sez is a really, really horrible movie. All Dennis Rodman is good for is rebounding and making ninjas mad. Dane Cook? Damn, payin’ dues is real. The blonde in this joint is official like a referee with a whistle, though. But the villian looks like a bitch version of Quentin Tarantino. His reasoning for wanting to blow up the Eifel Tower: “Because it’s big, and it’s delicious.” AYO!

Via Sickamore’s blog, just caught attention of The New Yorker’s new Barack cover. SMH. So to cheer myself (and anybody else who’s as insulted by that as I am) up, I present my new desktop picture (definitely NSF, so beware). Shouts to B-Perk for recognizing game.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Job hunt to continue, e-mails to send, meeting with Sickamore at noon to get ready for, Danny! album review to knock out, and a bunch of other ish that I’ll remember as the day goes along.



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