GotDone/ToDo 7-15-08 x Multimedia Ketchums

15 Jul

GotDone 7/12/08-7/15/08

  • Witnessed history at The Detroit Reunion Concert Saturday night.
  • Put together an entire multimedia package for the first time, and hopefully, for many times to come. Interviewed D12 and Royce and wrote a story, took photos and cropped them, and shot video and edited/published it. Employers, take notice.
  • Networked with several Detroit emcees that I hadn’t gotten to chop it up with up until that point: Stretch Money, Fatt Father, MarvWon, etc.
  • Finally nailed down the ever-busy Sickamore for five minutes (literally) for a meeting.
  • Interviewed Buff1 for

ToDo 7/15/08-7/18/08

  • Receive and edit B-Dun’s story on iLLite for MiHipHop.
  • Complete and edit the aforementioned Buff1 story.
  • Continue the GlobalGrind.
  • Review Danny!’s new album, And I Love HER, for HipHopDX.
  • Get the aforementioned Detroit Reunion Concert piece even more love than it’s already gotten.
  • Famous Firm bios.
  • Work out twice a day every day this week.
  • Get in touch with another criminally underrated Michigan emcee to get his upcoming album and schedule an interview.
  • Find this instrumental for Young Mase to help him out with his upcoming mixtape with Obie Trice.
  • Job hunt g-rind. Holla at ____ and ____ via godfather Rick’s recommendation, and several other joints via my job search web sites.
  • Get @ Detroit fam
  • Decide what I’m doing this weekend for 23-peat on Friday. Birthday wishlist coming to a YouTube screen near you.
  • Decide on whether to cop Amanda Diva’s Foreplay mixtape (via iTunes) or Nas’ Untitled this week.

To close out, here are the videos I did for Saturday night.

Royce Da 5’9″ and Stretch Money freestyling over “Let The Beat Build.” Definitely the surprise of the night.

Royce performing “Done Crazy.” I haven’t talked to dude about this yet, but me and a lot of people think that he’s taking a couple shots at Joe Budden with this. How crazy of a beef would that be?

And the moment everyone was waiting for: D12 and Royce performing together onstage. Royce’s verse on this song is just vicious.

That’s it for now. If you read the ToDo List above, you already know I’ve got my work cut out for me.



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