GotDone/ToDo x Birthday Wish List

17 Jul

GotDone 7/16/08

  • Edited and turned in the homie B-Dunlap’s interview with iLLite. Click here to read it, and click here to hear iLLite’s new song, “The Champion.”
  • Reviewed Danny!’s new album, And I Love HER. Great album, the article should be up on HipHopDX soon.
  • Worked out this morning. Rain out made me cancel the second one that was scheduled.
  • Found my copy of Elzhi’s elusive Europass tour CD/mixtape. Been lookin’ for that joint for about a month now.

ToDo 7/17/08

  • Job hunt g-rind
  • Global Grind hustle
  • Get this check
  • Plan 23-Peat Weekend ’08

Started my birthday shopping early today. Went light, though; gotta wait till I get this check today before I get even relatively stupid. So far, though:

I don’t rock the bright, watch. I rock the right, watch.

Queens Got My Money. My first non-Michigan Hip Hop CD purchased in a while.

A much-needed pair of jeans also, not pictured.

Birthday wishlist:

  • Money, money, money, money,,,, cake! (c) Lloyd Banks
  • New kicks – hence my Friday visit to Cliff Skighwalker and Burn Rubber
  • An olive green fitted, to at least remotely match my several olive green fits (such as this one)
  • iPod, to replace the one that gave me the boo-boo face … not sure if I even need one now though, the Blackberry has been a decent music player for the workouts lately
  • A full-time gig (in progress)

23-Peat Weekend ’08 itinerary coming Friday.



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