23-Peat Preparation/Itinerary

18 Jul

23-Peat Preparation

Sorry Detroiters, but last minute money issues are preventing the kid from visiting both your city and East Lansing, and today, East Lansing wins. But Jennifer, Marcel, ‘Rifa, Cliff, Miso, I’ve got y’all: if I get my whip back like I plan to soon, I’ll be up there sooner than later. But I’ve gotta make East Lansing happen: JYoung and the Dynasty lives on. Can’t leave IMPACT alone, the (radio)waves need me. Kar & Jen have too much history. Talitha’s too cute/cool. People at East Lansing bars are too funny. Omi’s too addictive.

So as far as right now is concerned, off to East Lansing I go after checking the mail today.

In the backpack:

From left: Dell XPS M1330 (blogging & maybe a little work), Blackberry 8800, Western Digital External HD & Skull Candy headphones (IMPACT 89 FM essentials), DVDs to watch while winding down after drunken nights, and fly Nixon camo backpack from KarmaLoop. Also, not pictured, but 7.2 Megapixel Sony Cyber-shot to capture history.

Ketchums 23-Peat Fly Kit

New Mossino watch, new Adidas (shoutout to Amanda @ Finish Line, you DTF?), and the lauded Ecko Turntable watch chain.

Unofficial Itinerary

  • NBA 2K8 Vs. JYoung The General
  • Food & Drinks w/the crew
  • “The Dark Knight” (again) with the crew (?)
  • Triumphant return to IMPACT 89 FM
  • “Wanted” x sushi w/Dimples
  • More drinks with the crew
  • Mucho free time, so holla at me

Aight, y’all. About to straighten up, clean up and head out. Whoever’s out there, get at me!



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