The Dark Knight: Live Blog Review

18 Jul

-Opening scene: Fucking crazy!!! One of the illest bank robbery scenes I’ve ever seen. And Joker’s opening line = classic

-Dinner scene: Shorty Bruce Wayne is with is *bad*.

-Joker’s magic trick: =-o

-Heath is MURKING it so far!!!!!

-Batman does a heist. OF A LIVE PERSON.

-TV scene w/Joker: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Comissioner Gordon noooooooooooooo


-Bruce Wayne knows the power of the P-U-S-S-Y
–Sidenote: During this scene, somebody whispers “Trim!” Classic

-C-Gip: “Yo these characters are PERFECT”

-Lil Ketchums, when Joker shoots somebody: “He double-pumped that nigga! No homo.”

-Batman hits wheelie in motorcycle. I reply: “Gully”

-What. An. Ending.

-Or maybe it’s not an ending.

-Yo this movie is written incredibly!!!!!

-Wow, we actually get to SEE Two-Face? This is on some Spider-Man 3 shit.

-Deebo? Word?

-Joker is a fucking animal.


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