23-Peat Weekend Re-Cap

22 Jul

So 23-Peat Weekend was definitely a success. It wasn’t as flawless of a trip as I was expecting/hoping for, but I still had a great time. I’m not going to give a day-by-day account because that’d take too much time (and I’ve got work to get back to), but here are the wins and losses.

-First of all, I got extended time away from home, which I definitely needed. The weekend did wonders for my sanity; my peoples know exactly what that’s all about.
-Got to kick it with JYoung The General and P.H.I.L.T.H.Y., which was dope cuz I didn’t really get to kick it with ‘em like that since school ended. I was laughin’ at these cats literally the entire weekend. Dynasty’s Forever Y’all Die!
Made a new friend in Steven Sir Gully, the random dudebro who befriended us outside of Pinball Pete’s Arcade. Homie clowned other drunk people, cussed out a sober girl for taking her drunk friend away from us while we were talking to her (complete with a “Yeah, I’m talking about you who’s on the phone!” clarification so she knew it was her), and bought us pizza. Real recognize real, homie. Pics below.
-Re-bonded with my California, spicy salmon and shimp tempura rolls at Omi Sushi. Perfection.
-Made my triumphant return to IMPACT 89FM, and being on the air was great—playing dope music for the world to hear, fielding phone calls on the request line, and being in the studio with the fam, was just classic material. Pictures
-Finally got a temporary NBA 2K8 fix, even though I was 1-2 for the day.
Found the perfect T-shirt to match my new Adidas. Plan to scoop it later this week. Sade says it’s doing too much, and that I should just go for a black Ralph Lauren tee w/the purple logo, but everyone else says this is crazy. What do y’all think?

Didn’t go there with as much money as I had planned on going up there with, so I had to be more frugal than I should’ve been (hence, not being able to cop the shirt above). That really did take a lot away from the trip, but I’ll try to make up for that later.
Didn’t get to see MochaDimples 😦, which was admittedly one of the things I was really looking forward to for the weekend. We’ll make up for lost time in the next round, though 😉
-Didn’t get as much time with the aforementioned trio of female friends either, but I’m making up for that next time too.

But even when I suffer losses, I count the victories. Overall, definitely a great time, and something that I really needed. Shout-outs to JYoung, Biz, Branden, JAWS, Nerd Girl, Hateur, L-Boogie, Lucy, and everyone else for showing me a good time. Let’s make it happen again.


Steven Sir Gully

MiHH x SSG: P.H.I.L.T.H.Y., JYoung, Sir Gully, Ketchums

Slideshow of IMPACT 89 FM Cultural Vibe’s Return of the Critic (if you’re on Facebook and you don’t see the slideshow, visit ketchums.blogspot.com to peep it)


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