Ketch-Up 7/23/08 x Smack Comics x Gear

23 Jul

Whattup doe? After the YouTube entry and the blog of 23-Peat Weekend, I figure it’s time for me to move on. So here goes some of my latest work, the homie Smack’s material, along with some gear I’ve come across.

Ketch-Up 7/23/08: Latest Published Work
Zo! Interview

Over @, we just posted my interview with Zo!, the Detroit multi-instrumentalist and producer who has worked with everyone from One Be Lo to Slum Village. His latest project is Zo! And Tiggalo Love The 80’s, an EP with Phonte of Little Brother that remakes hits from the likes of Toto and Joe Jackson. We talk about all of that, and more. For the entire interview, click here.

“Armchair A&Rs: Sit Down”

This week, some bootlegger has announced that he has stolen Rhymefest’s iPod and is threatening to leak his El Che album, one song per week, until ‘Fest and his label take action with a single and a video. I call bullshit: click here to find out why.

“Smack Chronicles”/”Revolutionary Times”
The homie Smack! has two comic strips: “Smack Chronicles” and “Revolutionary Times.” Dude’s talented, and I’ve been staying on him do these consistently and hustle with it, so now that he is, I’ll be publishing them here as he releases them. The latest of them are below; click to enlarge | |

?uestlove’s got his own kicks coming Aug. 1: The (h)Air Questo 1. I’ve always respected dude, (click here for my ode to homie, despite me having the worst luck as far as me getting to get a photo with him), and I’ma try to cop these regardless of them matching with absolutely nothing I have. Hopefully Burn Rubber can come through. On NahRight I saw that there was a picture with a gold tip on the front, so I don’t know what that’s about. Check ?uesto’s backstory of the shoes at OKP. Joints like this really remind me of how even though I don’t want to really be “famous” per se (esp. seeing how my industry has very few bonafide celebs), I’d love some sort of advertisement/joint deal with a company, like this ?uest x Nike project or John Mayer’s Blackberry ads.

NahRight picture:

ALIFE is really killing the game as far as hip-hop tees go. Just within the past few weeks, they’ve unveiled compilations with Nas, Q-Tip and Three 6 Mafia – and all of them are crazy. Pictured in consecutive order: Nas, Q-Tip and Three 6 tees.


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