Ketchums Wish List Summer/Fall ’08: Motivation

25 Jul

So as you all know or may not know, along with my, Global Grind, HipHopDX, Famous Firm and other part-time hustles, I’m looking for a full-time gig. Everyone says that finding a job is a job itself, and even though I’ve been showing up to work, I’ve called in sick a couple of times. And watching a friend of mine work hard at starting up her own business reminds me that no matter how dope I am, I’ve got work to do.

Fortunately, I’ve always been a hopeless consumer. Aside from hearing great music and a having a quality woman at the crib, nothing has ever made me feel better than a shiny new product – whether it’s a fancy gadget or some gear to add to the wardrobe. Below, I’m posting five things that I want to cop before the end of the year. Whenever I’m not on top of my job, all I’ll have to do is revisit this blog to give myself some concrete motivation.
1. Blackberry Bold
You know those new AT&T commercials, where a person is portraying their voicemail and talking about how they missed a really important call? Yeah, I’ve had two of those real life situations: one prevented me from going to the Glow In The Dark tour, and the other made me get some money late. So T-Mobile is a wrap. And what better time to switch to AT&T than to cop the newest Blackberry, the Blackberry Bold? 3G/quad-band network + GPS & Wi-Fi + new and improved browser + the email/UI I’ve grown to love = perfection. My homie tells me it doesn’t come out till January or something? Fuck. We’ll see, though.
2. iPod Touch

So I’ve decided that I want an iPod Touch as opposed to an iPod Classic – the fly factor and the Wi-Fi were too much for just an iPod with more room. Besides, I’m at my laptop every night anyway, so I can afford to keep most of my music on an external hard drive; I don’t need 160GB on a music player. I’ll probably just get the cheapest joint, so I can just get my music, my audiobooks and a movie or two and I’ll be fine. P.S.: Is there any reason that they chose to have Macy Gray’s picture on all these iPod ads? Who the hell listened to her in the first place, much less at all? Seriously.

3. Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones or Bose On-The-Ear Headphones

As fly as my Skull Candy Rasta headphones are, I’ve had a pair of Bose before, and there’s really no substitute. And as a critic, I’ve really got to hear all of the intricacies in the music I listen to (snickers). These Dr. Dre headphones have really been hyped up, and I’ve seen mixed reviews: Sickamore said they were crazy, but another one of my homies said they’re not worth that much. If I don’t get those then its back to the Bose, because their quality is undeniable.

4. MF DOOM Dunks

Yes, MF DOOM is overrated as hell. Yes, these shoes are sorta old now. But that colorway is Kev Garnett-versatile, the designs on the inside and outside sole are crazy, and my partner-in-crime is giving me a deal on ’em. I plan on copping these sooner than later.

5. (h)Air Questo’s

Yeah, they’re way too gaudy. No, I don’t have anything to match them with. But I’ve got love for ?uest: he embodies hip-hop more than anybody else in the industry, and I’d cop these for the support and exclusivity alone. And if I can get something to actually match these? [Pusha T] Iugh! [/Pusha T]

So, back to work. Today’s GotDone List is so disappointing that I won’t even post it, and tomorrow’s ToDo List is pretty vicious, so I’ve gotta start working toward these joints.



One Response to “Ketchums Wish List Summer/Fall ’08: Motivation”

  1. Yung Drew July 28, 2008 at 3:16 am #

    MF DOOM is dope… I never knew dude had his own kicks out… Anyways, I’m likin the lineup here. The Beats By Dre headphones look awesome… a must-have…haha

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