Random Material x ToDo Weekend 7/25/08

26 Jul

Random material.
+The new Facebook is out there, and I bangs with it. What do y’all think? It’s going to take a little adjusting to, but I like how it’s spread out, and how the applications are so minimized, because those shits were pretty annoying.

+*sigh* Looks like I’m going to have to actually cop these Beats headphones eventually. Check TIME’s glowing review, in which this cat actually says that they shit on the Bose joints. Gotta get the iPod first, though.

+Got three new assignments – two album reviews, one feature story – from a new client. More to add to that ToDo List!

+Looks like service with AT&T, unless they come up with some new plans once the Blackberry Bold comes in, is going to cost just as much as T-Mobile’s with the minutes and data that I need. Oh well, as long as it’s 3G, and on AT&T’s network instead of T-Mobile’s complete non-existence of service in Saginaw.

+From now on, not using AIM while I’m working, unless it’s necessary for that work, or I absolutely need to talk to someone. I went to the library on Thursday and used the laptop sans Wi-Fi and AIM to knock out this bio, and I literally cut my work time in half. I’ve said this before, but after seeing it in action? It’s a wrap.

+Man, Talitha’s convincing me more and more about how these Air ?uesto’s aren’t going to match anything I have, and about how difficult they’ll be to match future fits. Anybody gonna help lure me back to the dark side?

+What’s up with all these writers I know starting blogs years late? ArmyAns, Matt B., Clover. I’ma have to start writing on this more now that these cats are out there.

ToDo Weekend 7/25/08
+Knock out RideOut’s bio.
+Review Buff1’s album, There’s Only One.
+Lay some groundwork to get in touch with Big Sean.
+”Get money! New money!” © Rich Boy
+Start on a couple other bios.
+Job hunt g-rind



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