33! Plus three! I’m on my masonic grind!*

1 Aug

GotDone 7/30/08 – Now

  • RideOut’s bio
  • Elzhi album review (Yes, I have the album. No, you can’t have it.)
  • Buff1 album review (Wash/Rinse/Repeat disclaimer above.)
  • A new blog (ya know, one that actually requires writing!)
  • Snatched a new assignment from XXL

ToDo Now – 8/4/08

  • Finish this Big Sean article early. Freshen up my prose skills; blogging and Q&A’s aren’t exactly soup for the journalist soul (ha)
  • Get the ball rolling on this XXL assignment
  • Follow up on job leads
  • Get paid
  • See if I can absorb half of this new Elzhi album before its Aug. 12 release date

+The search for a constellation prize to replace the Air Questo’s continues, and I just caught wind of DJ Shadow’s collaboration with LRG. The series has three pieces, but the one I’m feeling is this fitted. What do y’all think? I’m diggin’ the versatility of it, and even though no one will see it, the inside artwork is crazy.

+So Cam has finally let Juelz go. I’m happy about this: Juelz is too talented to let sit for too long, and like Miss Info said, hopefully the end of the label drama can help them repair their friendship.
+It really sucks to see Big Boi and Killer Mike going back and forth like this, because it should be a good day when two of Atlanta’s premier lyricists are dropping albums within months of each other. But as much as I’d hate to admit it, a beef on wax between these two would be crazy.
+Apparently, the Blackberry Bold is going to hit T-Mobile in September, just in time for the company’s 3G rollout the month after. Saving up money + a better Blackberry + not having to switch contracts = worth the wait.
+Congrats to Rizoh for landing his Top 50 MCs of Our Time piece on digg’s front page.

*By the way, can anyone accurately pinpoint that Killer Mike like from “10 G’s”? I’m not sure if he says “masonic” or what…



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