"Hope you, payin’ ya tithes, being good Catholics"

3 Aug


+Cleaned the crib

+Wrote a letter

+Further absorbed my advance copy of Elzhi's The Preface

+Went to the mall. Bad chicks w/babies: it's the Saginaw way.

+Had some sushi that made me wish I was in East Lansing, so I could go to Omi. I swear, I'ma start goin' there weekly just to smash.

+Bought my own domain name: SpeechIsMyHammer.com coming soon.

+Saw the new Mummy movie. Corniest dialogue ever, but the special effects were crazy, Jet Li was a monster (literally) when he was actually in the movie, and the women were all bangable.


+Church (on the way there now)

+Go to flint-town w/the crew to celebrate Big O's birthday and scoop up my Identical Variant tee

+If I get back in time, get some work done on this Big Sean article


+Kanye's "We Don't Care" from College Dropout = nostalgic … I don't get how people say this album isn't a classic

+I might start getting into video games again. I'm normally just a NBA 2K8 kid, but this new Soul Calibur looks fun as fuck


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