Flinttown: Big O’s 23-Peat In 100 Words Or Less

4 Aug

Leave. McDonald’s. Sigh. Meijer. Liquor. Pinnacle. “Smooth?” Liar. SMH. Drunk. Eggs. Car. Juice. Car #2. Nignorance. Gunfire. Cops. Light-skin. Thick. Chill. Holla. Taken. Not really. Haters. B.o.B. (Ha) Dipset. McDonald’s #2. Sigh #2. Migrate. Burbs. Guitar Hero. Wack. Cause? Drunk. Soul Caliber #2. Spawn. Truth. Sleep. (Pass out.) Awake. Superbad. Laughs. Sleep. Awake. IV Tee. Pictured above. Home.


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