GlobalGrind x NBA Live 09? x Skype x MiHH Wkd

9 Aug

The new hustle,, has been redesigned and revamped. Founded by Russell Simmons and featured on “Run’s House,” GG is a news/multimedia/social networking site on which content is fueled by user submissions and feedback – think digg for the “urban”/hip-hop community. We’re still working out a few bugs, but the new layout is easy to navigate through, and the clean, streamlined feel is official. | GlobalGrind

I don’t have a newer video game system yet, but I’m looking into getting one before the end of the year; and after playing my boy’s PS3 all semester, I’ve got to admit that I’m a NBA 2K8 addict. But this NBA Live ’09 video above has actually got me thinking about reverting back to EA Sports hoop games. The idea of constantly updating things like that is ridiculous (even though it irks me that I can’t play with both Bynum and Gasol on 2K8 yet). Either way, it boils down to gameplay – and so far, 2K8’s still holding the cup. | NBA Live 09

Best computer program ever. I pay $2.95/month for unlimited outgoing calls to U.S. and Canada (Mina, whattup!); journalists, I recommend this for your interviews – makes the transcribing process much easier. I’ve been video chatting (and unlike AIM, this video chat actually works) with my lil sis, and the homie AHLOT while she’s out in Honduras saving the world. This along with free music and porn, is what the internet is all about, cousin. | Skype

Smack! x Mo Beatz. First cover art for Big Sean, and now this. Glad the homie’s finally starting to make the moves he’s capable of. | xXYour Friendly Neighborhood SmackXx

Rub it in my face, why don’t ya. This is my last time mentioning these, seriously. | Burn Rubber

It’s whatever, though; the Turtles/Pro Model II combo is still killin’ em!

Anyway, busy week/weekend for me and Michigan Hip Hop.
-Friday: Interviewed the immensely talented Mae Day – who Monie Love (study ya lessons) has hailed as the best femcee since MC Lyte – for MiHH. Shoutout to Ced Louie and Sicknotes.
-Today: Interviewing Elzhi for MiHH. Attending a listening party for his album, The Preface, at Burn Rubber from 5-7 (Flyer). Finally copping the BR Mixtape. Hoping to win a giveaway there. Getting my limited edition tee. Wilding out Politicking at the Buff1 listening party at Blind Pig that we’re co-sponsoring from 9:30 till it ends (Flyer). Hope One Be Lo can make it out to play me some new music in his car. Pissing Smack off cuz he has to drive me everywhere.



One Response to “GlobalGrind x NBA Live 09? x Skype x MiHH Wkd”

  1. Alex August 30, 2008 at 2:08 am #

    That ?uestlove sneaker/shirt combo is just sick. That new Ghostface shirt from Hoodman that Burn Rubber has up on their site is a must-own, too.

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