Fuck R. Kelly. Fuck Clark Kent, too.

12 Aug

Whattup doe?

I guess this is my first official post on WordPress. As you all may or may not know, I’m recovering from a break-up with Blogger, and WordPress was the best alternative. Feel free to look through here for all of my past posts from Blogger (WordPress was genius enough to let me import everything from there), I’d say I’ve penned a few heaters here. For my other writing, check the “I’m So Involved” blogroll on the right. But for now, here are some randoms.

I wrote a new post at HipHopDX about my R. Kelly boycott, and why I’m so upset at the brilliance of his new leak (No pun intended). Click the picture or the link afterwards to read it. | HipHopDX >> Speech Is My Hammer

While we’re on HipHopDX, check my review of Re-Up Gang’s latest self-titled album on KOCH. It really hurt giving cats I’m such a big fan of 2.5 stars out of five, but it had to be done. I’m glad that the users leaving comments understand what the deal is, too; this joint could really hurt their fan base. | HipHopDX >> Clipse Presents Re-Up Gang >> Album Review

Above is the video for “Sledgehammer!,” the latest single from the homie Invincible’s incredible new album ShapeShifters. Shorty put out one of the best albums of the year (Michigan hip-hop and otherwise), and she’s one of the few people that really makes it a point to make her life and her music reflect one another (outside of the thug life mantra, too). Click here for my interview with her, in which we talk about her musical journey and her work with children in Detroit. | MichiganHipHop

DJ Clark Kent had already released some crazy sneakers with his 112 pack earlier this summer, but these ones above are ridiculous. The Nike Olympic Air Force 1’s shown above encourage the U.S. to get a sweep of the medals with its gold, silver, and bronze colorway. I’m mad he had the nerve to keep these to himself, though. Another L in the kicks department for me this summer. | GlobalGrind

Yuh. (c) J-Young The General. And for only $15? Consider it copped. Not giving y’all a link, either; I’m selfish like that.

My WordPress brethren/tutor at 2DopeBoyz, Shake, posted Jay-Z’s “Jockin Jay-Z” joint that I had previously blogged about when Jay and Kanye performed it live. While the studio version has a couple changes to parts that I liked better in the concert version, it’s still pretty official. And if Kanye actually produces the bulk of this Blueprint 3 album like he’s said, it’s going to be a classic. | 2DopeBoyz

I’m out, though. My ToDo List tomorrow is pretty tough:

  • Transcribe and complete this Elzhi interview
  • Finish editing Elzhi video
  • Type Mae Day interview
  • Finish a laundry list of job hunt duties
  • Write another blog (or another series of blogs)
  • Review Ras Kass’ new album
  • Chase checks


P.S. How funny is it that my first real WordPress post has “fuck” twice in the title? Let’s go.


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