Operation East Lansing: ToDos x ToDonts x Survival Kit

18 Aug

After a truly bizarre weekend that included family drama, free Red Lobster, the movie Pineapple Express, the Identical Variant Pool Party, and the narration of the worst bitch ninja to ever exist, I consulted with the R.N. pictured above, and I’ll be in East Lansing all week. The plan is to really annihilate the job hunt this week, and move in up there sometime next week or so.

I’ve got a lot to do, though. And I’ve got a lot to not do, too. Luckily, I’ve got the drive and the survival kit to make it happen.


  1. Find a job out there. Damn near anything until I get what I want. Follow up on every lead, and get something that sticks. Pause.
  2. Keep up with my Global Grind.
  3. Continue to tax these cats for my checks, and get them deposited A.S.A.P.
  4. Keep up my journalism hustle for MichiganHipHop, HipHopDX, XXL and others. Re-edit these Elzhi videos; knock out this Mae Day interview; blogs about Niles, Shaya and others; Ras Kass album review; XXL feature; get the wheels turning on this Nick Speed feature; etc.
  5. Record this track w/JYoung the General (yeah, I rap a little bit too. And yeah, I’m decent. Fun fact: I used to show my lyrics to one of my (and maybe your?) favorite rappers, and he told me to stop because he didn’t want to start biting my stuff. True story.)
  6. Let these EL ninjas know that The Critic is back in the building: show my face at the week’s Hip Hop festivities, and murk the radio show this Saturday night.
  7. Link up with mentor/former instructor Pero Dagbovie and hook him up with that audible crack, per usual.
  8. Kick it with JYoung, PHILTHY, T. Russ, Nerd Girl, Lame-O, and others and get some quality time
  9. Enjoy my time away from the mayhem that is my Saginaw household.
  10. Stay fly while I’m doing it. (I feel mad girly that I packed as many shoes as I did for a week, but hey, it had to happen)


  1. Don’t waste time: I’m making this trip for a reason, and while it’ll be great to be around my peoples, it’ll be easy to get distracted and not handle alll of my business.
  2. Don’t get drunk: I’m actually making it a point to not drink this week. Don’t need to be spending money on alcohol, and an alcohol-free week will further ensure that I stay productive whenever I can.
  3. Lose anything: My girl Mina told me that being a cancer, I’m more likely to lose things. So I’m just trying to take heed to her advice.

Finally, my survival kit. No pictures for this one: I’ve got my camera battery charging right now, and I’m not unplugging it to waste time. But this is what I’m packing:

  • Nikon camo backback for tech, & Nike duffle bag for clothes/etc.
  • Blackberry 8800
  • XPS M1330
  • External hard drive (w/all my clean music, for the radio show)
  • Smack!’s Skull Candy headphones (sorry, bro; checked in for the week)
  • Sony Cyber-Shot (Gotta stay prepped)
  • Bible
  • CDs to get off of my hands at Flat, Black & Circular
  • Soundtrack: Game’s LAX, Ice Cube’s Raw Footage, Elzhi’s The Preface, Buff1’s There’s Only One
  • Clothes, including three MichiganHipHop.com tees (shoutout to MOS), several of my best pair of Adidas, and three fitteds (I’m a little basic with those, fallen off since ’04 or so).
  • Colognes: Kenneth Cole Signature (still gets compliments), Armani Black Code (never forget the dirty (in a good way) looks Jennifer and Karlyn gave me when they first smelled me with it), Issey Miyake summer limited edition (just in case I get lucky)

Anyway, I’m Outty 5000. All of my East Lansing peoples, touch base with me so we can make it happen this week!



One Response to “Operation East Lansing: ToDos x ToDonts x Survival Kit”

  1. Smack! August 18, 2008 at 8:30 pm #

    Ninja don’ stole my headphones. Ain’t this ’bout a Meet the Fockers.

    Because of this act of thievery I want to record a track whenever I’m in E.L. No, make that TWO tracks…

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