Operation East Lansing: Wrap-Up

25 Aug

What’s good?

What do you get when you combine team Cultural Vibe (me and JYoung the General) with the rest of our East Lansing crew, the environment of Welcome Week ’08 at Michigan State University, and a former frat house that’s equipped with 20 rooms, a stage, a balcony and a kitchen with an industrial sink and stove?

History, that’s what.

Since the crib’s Internet was so shoddy until last night, and WordPress isn’t up on Blogger game yet as far as the e-mail posting goes (salty!), daily updates were more difficult. A wrap-up probably wouldn’t have been the illest way to do this, but this had to be chronicled somehow, right? ToDos and ToDon’ts essentially went out the window because this week was really played by ear, but we still made a lot happen. I’m going to try to let the pictures do most of the talking, but I’m a writer, damn it, so I’ll probably get carried away with the prose regardless.

+Witnessed hip-hop-meets-metal unity on Monday. A club promoter had previously booked a band whose lyrics were considered racist and homophobic, and after pressure from the hip-hop community, he canceled the band’s performance and scheduled a hip-hop benefit concert to make up the lost money. One of the bands that was slated to open for the alleged “racist” band stayed on the tab, and what resulted was an incredibly dope show that incorporated different genres. Hip-hop heads and metal rockers moshing together was a sight to see.

+Me, JYoung and P.H.I.L.T.H.Y. all laid down verses for JYoung’s upcoming album, The Book of Jahshua, at Lansing’s Elm St. Studio. Telling you that my mans ‘n em are dope may sound required, but I’ll just post his music up here soon and let all you guys’ reactions do the talking. And yes, I do rap on the side. One of your favorite underground NY emcees (not telling who, but think Lyricist Lounge) from the 90s told me to stop showing him my verses, with fear that he might end up biting. I’m just sayin’, though.

+After an impromptu afternoon meeting Wednesday, me and JYoung nabbed an on-the-spot sponsorship deal with the illest shop in Lansing, Premier Skateboarding. Copped the Premier tee and the Hundreds fitted above (Added the neon laces to the Pro Model IIs to match the stitching. Stupid.), and I’ll likely be running a contest to get give away the tee. I’ve got my eye on these two items below, as well: the watch matches this outfit I’ve got perfectly, but the Supras go with the black MichiganHipHop.com tee. Which would y’all roll with?

… Immediately afterward, we had a random power meeting with Mark Knight of American Apparel and we booked an ill hip-hop showcase outside the front of their store. Pictures of that later.

+Sir Goblin Kris Ford’s rambunctious ass got us kicked out of McDonald’s after upsetting a group of breezies by asking a beanie-wearing one if she was Muslim. Restaurant manager jumped hype, and when the two faced off, Goblin said dude looked like Brock Lesner and stormed out. Classic.

+Got our Asher Roth on and had an ill house party Thursday. Your favorite blogger was pretty twisted off of Watermelon Burnett’s inside of a cherry and Sprite Slurpee, and alcohol actually arms me with rhythm, so whenever I was cool enough to stand, I was cool enough to dance with shorties. All my people came through: JYoung, Smack!, my Identical Variant fam, Solomon, Kar, Lame-o, Sir Goblin, and more. Ridic.

+Scared an inebriated YT by convincing him that me and my boys were all in a “gang,” and that we were going to kill him and take his money. Him, when his girl plays him at the party: “What’s the difference if I’m sticking my dick in her now, and I’m sticking my dick in her later?” My reply: “Well, if you’re a bitch nigga now and you’re a bitch nigga later, there’s no difference at all.”

+Finally got the custom Greedy Genius Blackberry 8800. Ill.

+Linked up with mentor/homie/MSU professor Pero Dagbovie and laced him with the latest audible treats (word to Michelle); don’t worry homie, it’s business as usual once I’m back.

+Arranged new terms with Sickamore and Famous Firm.

+Met Famous Firm fam/legendary crooner Slim of 112 when he visited Cadillac Club. Interviewed him on the tour bus, let homegirl (who should honestly get promoted to “shorty,” ha) ask a couple questions, and dipped out before the performance even started, since she had to celebrate her cousin’s 21st. Salty. Ugh at the outfit I wore to interview. Lawry’s! Can’t wait to hear Slim’s solo, though.

+Attended aforementioned American Apparel show and watched Lansing’s greatest perform: P.H.I.L.T.H.Y., The Truth, JYoung, Lyriclee, Yellokake, and Busine$$. Afterwards, snatched some sushi from Omi, my go-to spot in East Lansing. Legendary.

Best week ever, no Vh1. Next time, I’ll make it a point to see more of the people I wanted to see (Jessica, I got you, seriously), at least attempt to stay away from fast food (even though it’s literally right next door), and take care of more biz. Moving in up here soon, and that’s when the real madness begins.


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