Labor Day ’08 ToDo x Misc. Media

1 Sep

I almost always work on holidays to punish myself for my procrastination in the days leading up to it. This year’s Labor Day is no different: Friday, I was too busy being pissed that whip issues prevented me from attending the Nas concert in Detroit, and Saturday, I was too busy moving into my new crib in East Lansing and partying with birthday boy Tony Davis. Yesterday, I was out and about most of the day – got some new headphones, got BDubs with the homie Randelle, etc.

Now, I’ve got shit to do. Not sure how much I can knock out by the end of the day, but I need to at least make a dent before I sleep tonight/tomorrow. In no particular order:

  1. Finish up this Mae Day interview for
  2. Knock out two Famous Firm bios
  3. Keep trying to fet this XXL article up and running
  4. Make sure this Amp Fiddler for MiHH gets done in time for next week
  5. Schedule an interview for MiHH with one of the state’s best producers, period
  6. Arrange some interviews, to extend my features game to And you’re gonna love how I flip it. That’s what she said.
  7. Lansing job hunt
  8. Set up a Facebook group for this IMPACT 89 FM Cultural Vibe logo contest
  9. Clean/organize my newly-inhabited bedroom

So, yeah.

But before I get to work, some misc. media:

Elzhi of Slum Village sits down with and recounts classics from his catalog. Shout-out to Eskay and Shake for making me e-Famous. For part two of the video, check the link. | MichiganHipHop

Speaking of Michigan Hip Hop, some new Guilty Simpson tracks are out there, too. I like how he really puts in work with people in other countries, it’s dope to see someone who recognizes how beneficial it can be to utilize your resources like that. Check the songs, though. And Shake’s Guilty image above is crazy, btw | 2DopeBoyz

Teairra Mari x KING Magazine = whoa. Her album release party at ICON was actually the first industry party that I had been to (aside from the listening session for Kanye’s Late Registration), and she actually looks just as good in person as she does here. Check the rest of the pics at the link. | CLIFF NOTES

**Now Playing: Madlib, Beat Konducta Vol. 5: Dilla Cosby Suite | StonesThrow**


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