48 Hours: Sickamore x Rik Cordero x Jeezy

5 Sep

All Day: Posted the latest news on GlobalGrind.com
12:15 P.M.: Interviewed A&R/branding superstar Sickamore for Speech Is My Hammer.
3:00 – 4:30 P.M.: Between dropped calls, haywire fire alarms, and a business call on his part, interviewed goto video director Rik Cordero (Nas’ “Be A Nigger Too,” all of The Roots’ videos for Rising Down, Jay-Z’s “Blue Magic” trailer, and much more) for Speech Is My Hammer.
4:30 P.M.: Picked these up from my friendly neighborhood sponsors at Premier Skateboarding


5:30 P.M.: Nap; was supposed to be staying home to type this article for MichiganHipHop, but couch was callin’ me.
9:00 P.M.: Woke up and went to Respiration, Lansing’s monthly Hip Hop night. Saw P.H.I.L.T.H.Y., JYoung, Othello, and Octane & Illite all tear the house down. Went outside and kicked it about Michigan Hip Hop. Rest stop at home, IHOP at home. Bed at 5:30 A.M.

All Day: Post the latest news on GlobalGrind.com
10:30 A.M.: Finally try to come from behind, again, and finish this Mae Day interview for MichiganHipHop. Post new pieces on Global Grind.
12:00 P.M.: Interview stic.man of dead prez for HipHopDX.
12:30-3:00 P.M.: Work on an article about the aforementioned Respiration for Lansing City Pulse.
3:00 P.M.: Interview Tariq Nasheed aka King Flex, Detroit native/author/radio show host/public speaker, for Speech Is My Hammer. Can’t wait for this shit.
5:00 P.M.: Go to the radio station with my cohost JYoung to interview Young Jeezy for Cultural Vibe, 88.9 FM.
Rest of the Day: Write. Keep listening to this Black Milk album that I have two months early (ha!). Fill out job apps. Hopefully, find a transcriber.


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