I Hope Y’all Took My Advice…

14 Sep

Because tonight’s Cultural Vibe radio show @ IMPACT 89 FM was epic.

I don’t get into details and logistics about my accomplishments/events before they’re literally going on already (word to Danya Steele and her 90% rule), but in case you weren’t keeping up with me and cohost Jahsh “JYoung The General” Smith’s status messages, this was by far the best show we’ve ever had. We were recording a demo for the homie/protege Eric Huffman, and we went all out for this dude. Star-studded show  that had guest appearances from some of the dopest artists in the state, and a great range of genres. Exactly the way that Cultural Vibe is supposed to do it.

First, we interviewed Christian Nelson, an R&B singer from Lansing, MI that has performed at the Apollo, has just got a deal for his new label, and who’s essentially one of the most talented artists in Lansing’s music scene.

After that, me and E-Huff interviewed Detroit/Libido Sounds/G-Unit producer Nick Speed over the phone. We had some technical difficulties fucking up things offtop, but once we got things rolling, it was pretty official. We talked about everything from his new album with Danny Brown, to his work/affiliation with 50 and co., to his impending solo disc. Audio of the interview coming soon.

Then, in the best interview we’ve ever had on the show, G.O.O.D. Music signee Big Sean came through the station. We talked about the incredible success story of him meeting Kanye and getting signed, chatting it up with Jay-Z in the booth, and frolicking in the BAPE stores for his Hype Williams-directed debut video. Oh yeah, got a freestyle, too. Audio + video coming soon. And he plans to revisit in a month or two, when he puts out his next mixtape.

Lastly, we had the beautiful, talented MSU jazz studies graduate Lulu Fall come through the station to talk about her come-up, performing in Switzerland, and her upcoming sophomore album. Incredibly dope, incredibly sweet. P.S.: If y’all were in a picture with a girl that fine and that talented, you’d be cheesin’ too. P.S.S.: Cop the album.

And the music was dope, too. Great new material from Big Sean himself, Pacific Division, T.I./Jay-Z/Kanye/Lil Wayne, Statik Selektah feat. Consequence, Foreign Exchange feat. Muhsinah, and much, much more. When we get the cosign from Big Sean, Christian Nelson, Lulu Fall and Nick Speed all in one night, we’re doing things the right way.

Shoutouts to all of our on-air guests, the in-studio guests (Cliff Skighwalker, P.H.I.L.T.H.Y., Yellokake), Premier Skateboarding for supplying much of the fly gear that JYoung and I rocked tonight, Identical Variant for the Crank Dat Ninja tee, and, most of all, Eric Huffman (it’s your time, kid). Click here for our Facebook group, and click here for our Facebook fan page. JYoung can leave a comment with the link to the MySpace, cuz I don’t know that shit. But tune in next week too, for continued heat.




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