Mothafucka I’m Ill.

19 Sep

My body’s finally catching up to me. Well, it’s caught up to me before, but right now, I feel terrible. On the bright side, at least a lot of places are feeling the kid’s work! I’m having another breakout season; it’s virtually 2004 all over again. But the bad thing is that I’ma have to be that much more strict in managing my time and my sleep hours. Because I haven’t been on my maintenance grind this week, and a nigga feels turribul right now – I’m sleepy, my entire body is just like ten speeds behind normal, and I’m cold. I’m bout to go to this 7-11 by the crib, and get madd fluids: like a Dasani, a Gatorade A.M., and a five-hour energy shot. Hopefully, a lady friend of mine – and that’s not even specific; I literally mean any lady friend of mine – can come through with some soup. Call me/AIM me/Facebook me/leave a comment, and we can make it happen. It’s fucked up but it’s real. (Shit, I hope they let Shyne home on appeal.)

My ToDo List between yesterday and today:

  • XXL Show & Prove story on one of my favorite producers.
  • Interviewed Ludacris with JYoung for Cultural Vibe. Surprisingly, Juelz “A!” Santana hopped on the call later on.
  • GlobalGrind stories.
  • Big story for Metro Times.
  • URB album review.
  • URB feature.
  • Termanology feature for HipHopDX.
  • Transcriptions for
  • Schedule other writers’ interviews for MiHH.
  • See if Cliff is mad about my latest eskay kudos.

And I just sent ten pitches to VIBE.

Don’t get me wrong, I know how this movie ends. I’m going to finish everything that I need to do, as I always do. Just like you know Batman’s going to win at the end of every movie. But that shit gets tough on the way there.



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