FF Week Four – Step Your Game Up Edition

30 Sep

This week, I finally got my first Fantasy Football win. Yeah, Week 2 didn’t quite work out like I thought it would. And even this week’s game was pretty weird: my dumb ass forgot to get a substitute defense for the NYGz being on a bye week, but with Larry Johnson, Anquan Boldin and Jericho Cotchery on their grizzly and my opponent’s team being ass, I squeezed out a victory. [No grumpy]

But this just made me step my game up more. And this week, I’ve got two solid pickups.

Muhsin Muhammed = 29 points already this year. Even though Steve Smith is back on the squad after an injury, Muhammed’s still a viable second or third option. Anything’s better than Torry Holt’s rudy poo ass, he’s been doing absolutely nothing for me this season. And Muhammed’s playing against Kansas City’s secondary. Bang.

Kevin Walter = that young sleeper pic. Homie’s been making it happen this season, being a dope second option to Andre Johnson. And Sunday, he’s playing against Indiana – whose already porous secondary is worse since Bob Sanders is out for the year.

These two additions, combined with Boldin, LJ, Addai, my QB team of Roethlisberger and Kitna (which should I start this week?), and NYGz surprisingly solid defense this year should have me in decent shape. I’m not sayin’ I’ll dominate, but the 0-3 start should be a thing of the past.


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    […] points by his damn self. Talk about a breakout performance. Pause. And remember Muhsin Muhammed, the receiver I scooped up last week? Three catches for 71 yards, and a TD. Whoever got rid of this cat in my league made a mistake, […]

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