Fantasy iTunes Starting Five (10-6-08)

6 Oct

I mentioned this last week and didn’t get finish it, but I’ve got tons of new music to absorb. Some of it you’ll find scattered around the Internet, and some you’ll just have to wait for until it actually hits stores. I’ve had a couple of these albums in regular rotation and I’m just trying to pay further attention to detail, while others I’ve had for a while but wasn’t able to give them the spin that they deserve. With how much I’ve gotten into Fantasy Football this year, I’m snatching that concept and using it with my weekly roster of albums to listen to. This is my first week in the league, but I’m already confident in my roster for the week of 10-5-08.

PG: Black Milk, Tronic – A veteran of Ketchums iTunes, Black Milk knows the system here, so he’s running the team. Homie’s averaged 28 and 15 all season, but the way that he reinvents his game with Tronic, this cat’s stats are about to get even better.
SG: 14KT, The Golden Hour – Even though he wasn’t always on the team, 14KT has always trained with previous Ketchums iTunes star Buff1. But with his upcoming instrumental LP, The Golden Hour, he’s trying to get some starting shine.
SF: Jake One, White Van Music – Jake One is the player on the squad who has always had the talent, offensive/defense awareness and court presence to be a star. He’s got a stat sheet to prove it, too, putting up 25-point games with the likes of 50 Cent, De La Soul, Phat Kat and others. But he let me know that he was ready to elevate his game with White Van Music, and a staple of a true superstar is wanting the game on your shoulders.
PF: Now On, Tomorrow Already – Now On is a pick that I’ve been scouting for a minute. They’ve even had fantastic workouts for the team, with previous projects like Eye Level and Don’t Call It A Mixtape; but for whatever reason, I didn’t sign them to deal. But after seeing the highlight tape that included “The Willows” and “Unwind,” I knew I needed them on the squad.
C: The Wackness: Original Movie Soundtrack Mixtape – Every championship team needs a veteran that’s been there before: enter the Golden Era-themed The Wackness.

Follow the jump for exclusive breakdowns of each member of this week’s roster.

Black Milk, Tronic – Black sent me a copy of this over a month ago (I love my job), but Tronic doesn’t drop until Oct. 28. The wait’s gotta suck, but Fat Beats has leaked two tracks – the single “Give The Drummer Sum” and “The Matrix” (feat. Pharaohe Monch, Sean Price, and DJ Premier on the cuts) – to help give y’all the idea. This is Black’s coming-of-age album; manager Hex Murda said that this is going to change the state of underground hip-hop, and I can see why. All of the “J Dilla clone” talk should be shed after this, as he reinvents himself both as a producer and as a emcee. Black lets go of the sped-up samples, and pairs his soulful, funky soundbeds with synthy bounce to move his sound forward. And while he’s not exactly spitting knowledge as a lyricist, his flow has gotten even tighter and nimbler: hanging with Sean P and Pharaohe Monch doesn’t happen on accident, and it’s telling that aside from “The Matrix” and the Royce-featured “Losin Out,” Black holds up all emceeing duties by himself and his verses don’t wear thin. Strong candidate for album of the year. Related: Video of Black Milk working on “Give The Drummer Sum” in the studio (MichiganHipHop)

14KT, The Golden Hour – In the vein of producer albums, Ypsilanti’s 14KT has an instrumental LP that’s dropping later this month. I’ve always loved his beats for Buff1 and the rest of his Athletic Mic League crew, and he recently won Detroit’s Red Bull Big Tune challenge, but The Golden Hour takes on an entirely different challenge: an instrumental album that tells a story. On his MySpace page, he analogizes a newborn child’s “golden hour” – the first 60 minutes after a medical trauma, during which a timely-treated patient’s chances of survival are highest – to this point in his career. I trust the homie though, so I’m optimistic. The homie Marcel Friday has given it his cosign as well, but that nigga thought Ready To Die was mediocre, so I’ll have to see for myself (lol). Listen to leaks from the album here, and wait for the album to drop next Tuesday, Oct. 14.

Jake One, White Van Music – After lacing everyone from 50 Cent to Brother Ali with heaters, White Van Music is finally a project that producer Jake One can call his own. I remember when I spoke to him for HipHopDX Producer’s Corner, he told me the guest list for this album and I was floored: M.O.P., Brother Ali, Freeway, Elzhi, Royce, Little Brother, Young Buck, and many, many more. All of the songs I’ve listened to so far have been fire – especially “Glow,” which features Elzhi and Royce. I haven’t gotten a chance to give this album the listen that it deserves, but I’ve definitely given some of the songs burn on my radio show. Paul Cantor summarized his opinion of Jake One pretty well at XXL. Click here to hear some heat from the album, courtesy of the homies at 2DopeBoyz. The album drops tomorrow, and it sounds like something that’s worth the purchase.

Now On, Tomorrow Already – This Ann Arbor, MI-by way of-Los Angeles trio is one of the dopest collectives in music right now. The group – which consists of Rappers IX Lives and Jackson Perry, and producer/DJ/emcee Haircut – has lyrics that are substantive without being overbearing, and soundscapes that are energizing without being corny. I’ve only listened to a few songs off of Tomorrow Already so far, but they’re off to a great start: Haircut’s verse on “The Willows” has my favorite opening bars to a song in 2008, and if the trailer for “Unwind” doesn’t have you geeked, then you’re a dumb ass. The album actually dropped last week, so you can cop it and leave me your own feedback as well. Check our new Now On interview with MichiganHipHop as well (shout out to Tiana for making it happen!).

The Wackness: Official Movie Soundtrack Mixtape (Mixed by DJ D-Nice) – I already made a post about this mixtape earlier, but this is one of those mixtapes that executes a formula so perfectly that you’re not mad at the fact that you’ve heard all these songs. As I said before, this is a perfect mix of classics that were making their rounds in one of the best years in hip-hop history, 1994. Everyone from Nas and KRS-One to Black Moon and Tribe Called Quest is here, and despite it only being 18 tracks deep, it still feels really complete. Click here or on the picture to download it.

I’m actually putting together a dope R&B line-up right now as well. I figure even though I’m not real heavy in the dating scene right now, I should still give some of these mufuckas a chance since they’e holding up their end of the deal by actually making quality music. Maybe that’ll be my line-up next week.


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