FF Week Five – Flawless Victory Edition

7 Oct

This fantasy football thing is getting fun now that I can win a game or two. I’m 2-3 now, and I’ll be tied for fourth place in my league. I had three straight losses early on, but once I actually started paying attention to my team, I’m thisclose to .500.

My main breadwinner, Anquan Boldin, was injured this week. Got hit so hard last Sunday that it made teammate QB Kurt Warner think about retiring. And Larry Johnson’s bitch ass might as well have been injured – after getting me 198 yards and however many touchdowns last week, he only got me seven, fucking, yards this week. Just like one of my roomates said, “You’re a grown ass man, you can’t get more than seven yards?”

Luckily, I had some people step up.

Jacksonville Jaguars saw a lot of the above on Sunday. Ben Roethlisberger came back from last week’s near injury, and an interception on the first snap of this week’s game, to give me 300 yards and three touchdowns. Even near the end of the game, it looked like he was favoring that injured arm again, but he made it happen regardless. He could’ve gotten 400-plus yards in the game – he had more than 200 in the first half alone – but I’m satisfied with what he did for the team this week.

The Carolina Panthers really held it down for me this week against the Kansas City Chiefs. Sunday’s WTF performance goes to DeAngelo Williams (right). Homie balled the fuck out – 123 yards rushing, 2 rushing TDs, and one TD reception. 33.80 points by his damn self. Talk about a breakout performance. Pause. And remember Muhsin Muhammed, the receiver I scooped up last week? Three catches for 71 yards, and a TD. Whoever got rid of this cat in my league made a mistake, real walkie talkie. Too bad that had to be the same game where the aforementioned LJ falls on his face with seven yards. From 198 to 7? Seriously? Willis McGayHe outdid him with 64 yards and no touchdowns. Think about that for a second.

Oh well though, onto bigger and better things. Hopefully Boldin will be back at it next week, but we’ll see. Glad my other homies still made it happen for me.


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