Byron Hurt Presents Barack & Curtis

10 Oct

Filmmaker/activist Byron Hurt is most known for “Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes,” his 2007 documentary that investigates gender roles in hip-hop culture and rap music. What I liked about that project is that it really got into the issue without being preachy, and most importantly, it asked the right questions to the right people. I’ve always kept an eye out for his work ever since.

Above is Barack & Curtis, his mini-doc that he released via YouTube this morning. Click here to see his inspiration behind the project, but the film examines perceptions of black masculinity by way of two of the country’s most powerful black men: presidential hopeful Barack Obama and rapper/actor/mogul Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. While I wish it was longer than 10 minutes, this piece definitely gets the point across, and I’m impressed with how deftly the concept was executed. This is an example of actually addressing/intellectualizing hip-hop without it being forced, and this is the kind of work I’d love to get into later in my career.|


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