Lupe Fiasco x PRODUCT (RED) Converse Kicks

13 Oct

Via HypeBeast via MarcusTroy (sorry, couldn’t find your specific link): Award-winning Certified Gold artist Lupe Fiasco joins close homie Dr. Romanelli as part of next year’s PRODUCT (RED) project with Converse. The PRODUCT (RED) initiative is to build awareness and raise money for humanitarian efforts. An understated bit of flash is seen via an all-black patent leather Chuck Taylor. Gone is the usual rubber toecap as well as the typical heel patch, both replaced with the full patent leather deal. Keeping with the PRODUCT (RED) theme, hints of red can be seen on the trademark top eyelet and sole as well as on a strip across the side. These lows join a previously previewed high-top from awhile back with rumors the high-top will release next January.

Thoughts? I like the high-top ones 20 times better, but these are dope, too. Not my style, but I’d definitely rock ’em. Which is saying a lot, cuz I hate Chucks with a passion.

P.S.: smh @ me having this post – one about hip-hop related kicks – up before Cliff Skighwalker


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