Ketch-Up 10-14-08 – x Method Man x Foreign Exchange

14 Oct

I won’t even get into this week’s Fantasy Football, because it was pure disaster. Luckily, I’ve got a slew of articles going up this week to reassure me that despite my football fuckery, I can still write a good article. Yesterday (Monday), I had three pieces go up on HipHopDX, which is the best rap site on the Internet (other than MichiganHipHop, but I’m not counting area-specific sites). I should have more material published in Metro Times this week, and I’ll keep you updated as it’s posted. But till then, follow the jump to see why I’ve got the Internet goin’ nuts.

Lowered Expectations: Hip-Hop’s Five Most Disappointing MCs [#1: Method Man]

This five-part series on the HipHopDX version of Speech Is My Hammer, at press time, had accumulated 289 comments. But essentially, I’ve put together a list of what I consider as the five most disappointing rappers of all time. The countdown is as follows:

#5: Fabolous
#4: Canibus
#3: Memphis Bleek [written by Meka Soul]
#2: DMX [written by JYoung The General]

The head of the list, ladies and gentlemen, is none other than Method Man. Click on the picture above (or here) to see my reasoning to why Tical is the most disappointing emcee of all time, and why other artists who you felt should be on the list weren’t included. Producer’s Corner

In the latest segment of Producer’s Corner, I interviewed While dude is primarily known as half of the rap duo dead prez, he’s also growing as a producer – after doing work for dp and other acts on their label, he had three key beat placements on Nas’ incredible Untitled album from earlier this year. In what my editor Jake Paine describes as my best Producer’s Corner yet, I chop it up with stic about humble beginnings as an arranger, how he and Nas clicked for the Queensbridge emcee’s latest classic, and why he’d like to work with Game. He also mirrors my opinion about the criticism for Nas’ beat selection.

The Foreign Exchange, Leave It All Behind (Album Review)

Last week’s last-minute pickup got a scouting report courtesy of The Critic and HipHopDX yesterday as well. I’ve seen mixed reaction to the album, but I think my review did a decent job of capturing its pros and its cons. Check it out.


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