Ketchums + MusicSkins = Obamaberry ’08

14 Oct

Normally, phone skins are madd corny to me. They’re either in a color or design that’s so corny that you’d rather have the phone as is, or in a color that’s sleek, but so plain that there’s no point to it other than protecting the phone.

But ladies and gentlemen, MusicSkins knows what they’re doing.

I first heard of this company in a HipHopDX article done by the illest editor in hip-hop journalism, Jake Paine. I checked out the site, and I loved the designs. What’s dope is that they’ll collaborate with companies and artists, and the design is submitted to them – so with so many different clients, you’ve got a varied choice of designs. Artists like 2Pac, Sean Kingston and Buju Banton have skins, but so do companies like Lemar & Dudley and  Sneaker Freaker. And you can fit up Blackberrys, laptops, iPods, and more. I remember I showed my homie MOSologist the site, and he’s like, “See, if I were to rock one of those, I’d have to get custom ones made”…then the nigga got Burn Rubber skins made, and they’re pushing them at the store.

As you may or may not remember, I copped my Greedy Genius skin over the summer. And while that’s still dope, it’s time for something new.

It’s time for change.

My president’s black, and I’ll be cotdamn’d if my Blackberry ain’t too. Obama and McCain labyrinte projection images were designed by Virtual Mo, and even though I’m not a fan of the latter candidate, even that design is well done [click here]. I got a HipHopDX skin too, but I’m at least rockin’ this through the election. Can y’all believe there’s only 21 days left?

I’m normally the type to not really tell people where I got stuff (unless, of course, it’s my sponsor Premier Skateboarding), but I told the homie at MusicSkins that I’d spread the word. So visit and cop your own – unless you want me to be the only one fly.


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