Has Blogging Destroyed Hip Hop In 2009?

25 Oct

No, I don’t think it has. I think that blogging has actually forced a lot of artists to step their game up, by making them get their product to a quality level that would encourage listeners to cop. And that working with blogs to get your material out there is an inevitability, because the game is changing anyway. But that’s enough for now; I might make a response blog (lol). But this blogger @ The Full Clip presented a decent case for why blogs are destroying Hip Hop in 2009. An excerpt:

The fundamental problem is that XXL, and much of the hip-hop community at large, are taking their cues from the blogs. Which isn’t inherently bad if the content remains focused. But it hasn’t, and the quest for fast food entertainment has jeopardized the better artists.

I also disagree with Full Clip’s people who shouldn’t be on the cover. I don’t really listen to Mickey Factz or Charles Hamilton, but Ace Hood is ass, but I still think this cover is on point for the most part. I think Asher Roth is one of those dudes who’s just as gimmicky as he is genuinely talented, and Curren$y is one of the few mixtape/punchline rappers that I actually fuck with. And B.o.B. is one of the 10 or so people that have me excited about the future of Hip Hop. Just to go URB’s (whattup B. Perk?!) web site and search for B.o.B.; homie’s talented, and he understands what music is all about. BTW, I’ve also got an article in the above issue of the magazine, a Show & Prove with the homie 88-Keys. But I digress; despite what I disagree with, I still thought this was a thought-provoking blog. | The Full Clip


One Response to “Has Blogging Destroyed Hip Hop In 2009?”

  1. MOSologist October 26, 2008 at 11:19 pm #

    I got a feeling you’re gonna LOVE some of the posts I’m gonna be making on HC…

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