Peter Rosenberg Presents: A Rosenberg Oddisee (Free EP)

28 Oct

It’s finally here! And yeah, I’m saying finally even though news of this EP just dropped last week. Despite his Oddisee 101 project being released on the Internet earlier this year (before the digital version hit iTunes and physical copies were at his shows), I’ve been fiending for new product from him. Oddisee is one of the first artists I interviewed in my journalism career – right after Drag-On, Phat Kat and Talib, I interviewed him and Kenn Starr. He’s got three other projects – one with rapper Stik Figa, one with UK emcee Tranqill, and one with Diamond District (the trio of him, X.O. and yU) – coming soon, but this EP is just what I needed. Oddisee, especially when he’s teamed with artists that are just as talented as he is, is one of the best double threats (producer/MC) in the industry. When I heard this song with Saigon and Lil Fame of M.O.P., I already knew what the deal was.

Follow the jump for a tracklist and a link to where you can download the EP.


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  1. Oddisee Performs an Unrecorded Song in Rosenberg’s Living Room « Speech Is My Hammer… - December 31, 2008

    […] the video above to see his rhyme/production skills at work. If that’s not enough, CLICK HERE to download his Oddisee and Rosenberg’s free A Rosenberg Oddisee, which features Saigon, […]

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