Barack Plays Hardball, Too.

30 Oct

Pause @ the title, but it had to be said.

A lot of Barack Obama doubters have said that they feel uncomfortable putting him in the position of president, because he’s not negative enough. Being exceedingly positive, they say, can work against him when Washington and the world of politics is based so much on being hardnosed.

But check this article I just saw on CNN. A new ad from Obama’s campaign shows clips of McCain saying himself that he doesn’t know much about the economy, and another clip that shows him saying that he’ll have to rely on the vice president. After that?

A graphic is then shown displaying the question, “His choice?” — before showing Sarah Palin winking at the vice presidential debate.


Obama knows it’s crunch time, and even though he’s expected to win the presidency anyway, he’s not taking any chances. Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power says to crush your enemies completely, and that’s what he’s doing. I haven’t even seen this ad, but just from this description, it looks like it does the following:

  1. Points out McCain saying that he doesn’t know much about the economy, which is one of the most important issue behind this election. Showing McCain say something that blatant is pretty interesting.
  2. While doing #1, it reminds viewers that the economy is Obama’s strong suit. It’s like me bringing a girl flowers one week, then telling her the next week how funny it is that her boyfriend doesn’t ever get her flowers.
  3. It actually attacks McCain on an actual issue, which is what Obama has said this entire election is about. It doesn’t call McCain too old, or too rich – it literally shows him saying that he doesn’t know about the economy.

Now, the above points are things that he does with this ad that are going to be looked at as “positive.” What this ad also does, however, is the same gully shit that politicians do all the time.

  1. It takes a quote from years ago, and contextualizes it for now. One would hope that McCain has educated himself on the economy since this 2005 clip actually happened, but they clown him about it years later, on some “gotcha!” shit.
  2. The ad doesn’t even say shit else about Obama’s economic policy; it literally only clowns McCain’s. Granted, Obama’s economics are already well-known amongst anyone who’s even remotely paid attention to his campaign, but the fact that it solely disses someone else is pretty hard.
  3. It subletly clowns Palin for shit other than her policy. True, they imply that she doesn’t have much experience on the field. But they also show a clip of her winking at the debate – which subletly capitalizes on the (sometimes, sexist, depending on the person) perception of her being a ditzy woman.

Granted, this doesn’t show Obama on some ultra gangsta shit like Dick Cheney was on during his tenure as VP. But it does show that Obama’s a politician just like anybody else, and that while he may have different ideals and general approaches, he still knows how to play in the same field as his opponents do. So don’t get it twisted.


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