GQ Magazine x L.A. Reid

2 Nov

Joints like this are what help make GQ my favorite magazine now. Their articles are really well-written, and that’s my primary reason for supporting them every month, but even their smaller sections are on point. Here, the magazine takes a look at “The Power Office” of Def Jam Chairman Antonio “L.A.” Reid. What I love about GQ is how the editors/writers cover Hip Hop just like they do anything else (other genres of music, film, and everything in between, pause): accurately and engagingly. They know their shit about Hip Hop, but they don’t try extra hard to be “in”: they do their job, and make an article that their subscribers, some of which don’t even listen to rap music, can read from beginning to end. I scanned the pages below from their new issue, which has Jimmy Kimmel on the cover.


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