FF Week Nine – Student Vs. Master Edition

5 Nov

Forgot to make a post for this Tuesday morning. Was too busy doing my part in changing the world, and such. But I still won fantasy football this week.

“Stompdashitoutyou” is the team of Marcel Friday, the cat who got me into fantasy football this year in the first place. He’s been giving me advice every other week up until this one, which is when we were playing against each other. He’s hating his ass off right now, but with the moves I made at the last minute this week, he doesn’t have a chance but to be proud. My moves:

  • Scooping up Chad Pennington from the free agent pool, and subbing him in for consistent Wavy Crocketts starter Ben Roethlisberger. Pennington didn’t get a lot of TDs on Sunday, but he came through with 281 yards and got me 12.14 points. Not a lot, but Roethlisberger was stifled by Washington Redskins’ defense, got injured on a QB sneak, and only got 7 points. Roethlisberger may not play on Sunday, so I now I at least have another quarterback on the squad.
  • Snatched up Washington’s kicker, Shaun Suisham, Sunday night – right before their game on Monday. I had originally snatched Chicago Bears’ kicker Robbie Gould (Yahoo’s top-ranked fantasy kicker) to substitute a bye week’s Nate Kaeding, but for whatever reason, the substitution didn’t go through to make him the starter. With two field goals for 40-plus yards, he got me 8 points – which is great, esp. compared to the goose egg that I would’ve gotten with no kicker. As of now, I just picked Gould back up, and released Suisham, who happens to be on his bye week now.

Otherwise, my power players this week were the New York Giants defense, who got me 19 points, and a 15.30-point scoring Anquan Boldin, who’s back like he left somethin’ after that injury. I’m still pissed I sat him last week when he spazzed the fuck out with two or three TDs, but it’s whatever.

Hopefully, I’ll win next week and hit that young .500 mark. Bdat.


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