50 Cent MTV Reality Show – “The Money & The Power” Episode 1 (Video + Review)

7 Nov

Vodpod videos no longer available.

50 Cent tosses his hat in the reality mogul show genre with “The Money & The Power,” a contest which sees contestants competing to get Curtis to invest $100,000 into their company. I remember getting mad emails from friends of mine telling me to get in the running for the show, but I knew there’d be a lot of physical challenges, and I’m not in shape for that right now. I’ve got to re-interview Evidence in a few hours, but I figured that in the meantime, I’d do a live blog review of the show as I’m watching it.

  • Colored du-rags for the team leaders? Fuck that shit. If the rest of this episode isn’t good, I’m done.
  • And there’s a contestant named Cornbreadd. That’s no typo. Two d’s. And smh @ the token stereotypical white dude. “I’ve got more hoes than 50, woooo!” Barack’s ashamed of you.
  • Two black dudes are already fighting in the first episode? Nice.
  • Wow, so it’s not only the losing team that’s up for elimination – but only the leader, since the leader has to take the blame when the team loses? Dope!
  • “Winners, come with me. Losers, come with Yayo.” Baysicklee (c) Hex Murda
  • LOLZ @ the losing team making the winning team’s bed. You think Yayo fixes 50’s bed every night?
  • Yayo to losing team’s captain: “That’s your co-captain? It looks like he’s telling you what to do.” Someone’s well-versed in the G-Unit philosophy.
  • One of these contestants looks like Alfamega. “Stay up all night! *does computer hands* On the blog sites!”
  • Now we have the emergence of the show’s obligatory rat. *sigh* Hopefully she gets eliminated in this episode, to minimize unjustified nignorance. But we know how these shows work; she’ll be one of the final three and shit.
  • “JoAnn, you’ve been dropped. Get the fuck outta here.” pwned. I knew the rat wasn’t going to get eliminated, but at least they dropped the person who was, as 50 said, “dead weight.”

The Bottom Line: This is going to be good. It’s got its bullshit elements just like every other reality show – the typecast characters – but I think the challenges are going to be entertaining, and 50’s comical personality makes things even better. I’m probably going to start up a tally count for the various losses Yayo has from episode to episode, too; I need to watch this one again, but I think he had at least four L’s from the jump.


2 Responses to “50 Cent MTV Reality Show – “The Money & The Power” Episode 1 (Video + Review)”

  1. NWSO November 7, 2008 at 12:27 pm #

    Nah, Yayo was the show. He had way more personality that 50. More memorable catch phrases…

    Saving grace: At least it ain’t just the Black folk shucking and giving. I ain’t seen such a racially diverse reality show in a minute.

    Now go do my nails…

  2. Gangstarr Girl November 7, 2008 at 5:01 pm #

    LOL @ losing team going with Yayo.

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