FF Week Ten – WTF Edition

10 Nov

I thought that I was finally finding my groove in Fantasy Football. I’ve started to make the right moves throughout the week and on game day, my players perform have been performing for the most part, and I’m getting closer and closer to .500.

Then, shit like yesterday goes down and fucks with my confidence altogether. I still have a good chance at victory, but that’s not the point.

It looked like my opponent didn’t do much of anything to prepare for Saturday’s games, and whatever he did prepare wasn’t going to be enough. He started Matt Schuab, who was injured; Braylon Edwards, who had one catch for 15 yards on Thursday; Bernard Berrian, who did absolutely nothing yesterday, and started two of the Dallas Cowboys (a WR and their kicker), who are on a bye week and aren’t playing. What’s funnier is that he could have started Drew Brees, who had a monster of a game yesterday: 400 yards, 2 TDs and 3 INTs. So between his starting QB and three other starting receivers, he only had 1.5 points.

But he also had three of yesterday’s best fantasy football performers, period: Adrian Peterson, Brandon Jacobs, and the Baltimore Ravens defense. Peterson rushed for 192 yards and 1 TD, and caught three passes for 33 yards. Brandon Jacobs had 126 yards rushing and 2 TDs. Baltimore Ravens defense only allowed 13 points, snatched four interceptions, got two sacks, and a fumble recovery, which got them 19 points. Julius Jones, Seattle’s running back, also got him nine points.

His point total: 84.60.

My team, with a couple of exceptions, didn’t do so bad. I sat Roethlisberger again, which proved to be beneficial since he threw three interceptions. Now, I thought that Willis McGahee was injured again – I started him last week, and he suited up, but didn’t play – so I benched him, but he played this week, and got 100-plus yards and two TDs. Sux. Plus, I sat Kevin Walter; but he performs every time I sit him, and he got 85 reception yards and 1 TD this week. I had some people ball out, though: DeAngelo Williams and Muhsin Muhammad got down against the porous Oakland Raiders defense, with Williams getting me 21 points (140 yards rushing, one TD) and Muhammad getting me 9.8 (38 yards receiving, one TD). Mewelde Moore got me 22.5 points also, with two rushing TDs off of 57 rushing yards and 48 reception yards.

But Torry Holt, as usual, was my team’s resident bitch with only one catch for five yards. And the New York Giants defense choked big time last night against the Philadelphia Eagles, allowing them to score a whopping 31 points. Despite nabbing an interception and scooping a punt return, they only got me five points – extremely underwhelming for a defense that’s been playing well all season.

So, as of this morning, my point total: 79.76.

Fortunately, I have Anquan Boldin playing tonight against the San Francisco 49ers. Boldin missed a couple games with an injury, but he’s been still been beasting, getting multiple touchdown grabs every game. Going into this week, on Yahoo’s wide receiver ranks, he’s ranked at #2. And San Francisco is 2-6 so far, while Arizona is sitting atop the NFC with a 6-2 record and averages a league-best 29.3 points per game. Plus, Arizona’s at home. I only need 4.84 points to win – so if Boldin can A) get one TD, and/or B) get me 49 yards receiving, I’m in good shape. And my chances are looking good.

But even if I win today, I’m still pissed that I have to pay attention to this game in the first place.


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