Ketchums x Evidence and Alchemist x HipHopDX

10 Nov


I interviewed Evidence & Alchemist – collectively, the new duo of Stepbrothers – for HipHopDX’s Producer’s Corner. I had to tackle a lot of adversity for this one – not being able to talk to them both at the same time like I wanted, Evidence having shitty phone reception, and playing phone tag with Ev to redo part of the interview – but it still came out pretty well. Editor Jake Paine told me it was “the most sophisticated, organic Producer’s Corner yet.” Bong.

To read the article now, click here. To read the intro first and then check out the entire piece, check under the cut.

“When worst comes to worst, my peoples come first.”

While the Dilated Peoples’ song quoted above wasn’t released until their second album, Expansion Team, Evidence and Alchemist have been living by the mantra since they were high schoolers in Malibu, California. Initially meeting outside of a club, they would form a friendship and cut school to record songs at each others’ houses. Evidence would help form the group Dilated Peoples, and Alchemist would be the force behind many of their seminal tracks—included the one quoted above, “Worst Comes To Worst.”

This year, even though Evidence lives in California while Alchemist lives in New York, their friendship and their musical chemistry are just as potent. Alchemist is heavily involved in Ev’s impending Layover EP as co-executive producer, while Alchemist’s much-anticipated Better Living Through Chemistry album will have cameos from Evidence as well. Little surprise then that they’re working together even more seriously as the duo Stepbrothers. In an interview with HipHopDX, the Stepbrothers talk about their friendship, their music, and schooling with Nicole Richie.

via HipHopDX


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