Rev. Run On Being Successful

12 Nov

For those who watch Run’s House, you know the tidbits he types in his Blackberry at the end of every show? Well, I get those in my e-mail inbox every morning (Google “Rev Run’s Words of Wisdom,” it should come up). And today, when I’m getting ready for my business trip, the topic is “On Being Successful.” The e-mail reads:

Good morning. There was a little boy named Steven who once asked a wise old man what it took to be successful. The wise old man picked Steven up by the scruff of his neck and dunked him, head first, into a barrel filled with water. Steven was kicking and squirming with all he had, but the wise old man just kept him under water. After holding young Steven there for several minutes, and mere seconds before Steven passed out, the wise olf man released his hold on the young boy. As Steven began to catch his breath, he said, “ Hey, why did you go and do that? You must be out of your mind you could have killed me.” The wise old man just laughed and said, “You asked me what it took to be successful? Well what was the one thing you wanted more than anything else when you were underwater? Young Steven said, “I wanted AIR!!” The wise old man said, Steven when you want SUCCESS just as much as you wanted that air, you’ll have it.” (Question?   How bad do you want success?)

Just what I needed to see.

*Bumps Jay-Z & Nas’ “Success”*


One Response to “Rev. Run On Being Successful”

  1. Evan M January 4, 2009 at 11:11 am #

    I love this speach so motivating

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