ToDo Nov. 12 ’08-Nov. 15 ’08 (NYC Edition)

12 Nov

William E. Ketchum III is finally making his way out to NYC for a visit this week. I should be leaving MI around noon or so, and arriving in NYC tonight. Lot of business to handle, lot of people to see.


  • Kevin Clark
  • Danya Steele
  • Matt Barone
  • Starrene Rhett
  • BFred
  • Jack E
  • Donnie K
  • Sickamore
  • Sade
  • Amanda Diva via Santo’s Party House
  • The GG crew, past & present – Kim O., TalkDatIshGirl, BlackSpot, etc.
  • The Cornerstone/Fader crew – Kyle, Kevin, etc.
  • Fat Beats & Bill Sharp

ToDo List for the train ride

  • Metro Times story on Nick Speed
  • Metro Times Power stories on various Detroit producers
  • Imsomniaks bio for Famous Firm

If you’re a person I need to see, or have a location that I need to holla at, let me know! I won’t be there for long, so get at me quickly


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