FF Week Eleven – “Yeah, That Just Happened.” Edition

17 Nov


While on the train to New York City, I was checking my Fantasy Football scores to stay up to speed. While I had improved my record to 5-5 last week, he was already 6-4.

Now, we’re on an even playing field. I won and he lost, so now we’re both 6-5. This is my first blowout win, y’all – nearly a 50-point smashing.

Damn near my entire squad balled out yesterday, and I can honestly say that I made almost all of the right decisions. Sure, I benched some heaters: Jericho Cotchery had five receptions for 87 yards and one TD, and Kevin Walter had three catches for 79 yards, and worst of all. Ben Roethlisberger seems to have fully recovered from his injury woes, passing for no TDs but still 308 yards – much better than my other QB Chad Pennington’s meh 174 yards with no TDs.

But other members of the Wavy Crocketts spazzed out with multiple touchdown efforts. Joseph Addai overperformed like hell with 105 rushing yards, 48 receiving yards and two TDs; DeAngelo Williams had 120 rushing yards and 2 TDs; and Dwayne Bowe had seven catches for 53 yards, reaching the end zone on two of those. Anquan Boldin didn’t get any touchdowns, but he still got 13 grabs for a ridiculous 186 yards. And let’s not forget my New York Giants defense, who held the Baltimore Ravens to 10 points, blocked a kick, got one sack and snatched two interceptions, one of them being returned for a touchdown. Whattup Sick?

So yeah, amazing game. Hopefully, this is only the first victory I get in NYC this week.


One Response to “FF Week Eleven – “Yeah, That Just Happened.” Edition”

  1. bananaclipse(3.0) November 19, 2008 at 4:00 pm #

    yall should do defensive players too. im 10-1 in my league! clinched #1 in the playoffs. im 2 playoff victories from $550

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